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Finally A Good Night's Sleep, Thanks To CBD

My relationship with sleep was always between love and pain. I looked forward to a good night’s sleep, but once I was in bed, falling asleep was a tormen

Yes, CBD Is Legal. Know Where is Legalized

CBD, a non-psychoactive component derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, is not yet legal worldwide. In Latin America CBD is legal in Argentina, Chile, Colombia,

Why Should You Get A Medical Appointment Before Using CBD

If you have decided to try medical cannabis to treat a health problem, we highly recommend having a professional advice with a doctor specialized in CBD.

Is It Necessary to Have a Medical Prescription to Use CBD?

During the last few years there have been more openness towards the use of CBD (cannabidiol) for the treatment of diseases and various symptoms.

The Main Differences Between CBD And THC

The differences between CBD and THC, two of the main substances present in the cannabis plant, are in their interaction and effects within the human organism.