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Finally A Good Night’s Sleep, Thanks To CBD

My relationship with sleep was always between love and pain. I looked forward to a good night’s sleep, but once I was in bed, falling asleep was a torment – I never imagined that the solution would be to use CBD as a sleep aid! I can’t deny the resistance I had to try CBD because of the prejudices surrounding Cannabis, as its association with adverse effects as a psychotropic substance made me skeptical. Fortunately, I was able to obtain reliable information from specialists who clarified my doubts about the components of CBD and explained what I was most concerned about, its safety. Also, with my doctor’s advice, I was able to experiment how beneficial CBD is for insomnia and falling asleep.

How I started using CBD for sleep

In my youth I blamed my difficulty sleeping on academic responsibilities and other obligations. Then, with the arrival of my children, the situation got worse and worse, the reason then was their health, daily responsibilities and my work. So the difficulties in falling asleep, or not having a continuous and restful rest always had a reason and I did not pay enough attention to it.  When I was on the edge of collapse, I began to investigate whether CBD could help me sleep, as several friends had already tried it and confirmed its positive effects and the changes they had experienced. With the help of a doctor, who was aware of the advances and trials with Cannabidiol and its applications, I began to try CBD oil for sleep. He recommended me a daily dosage according to my routine and my physical condition.  I am active, I exercise one hour five days a week, I maintain a demanding work routine, physically and intellectually, I read one hour a day and manage my social networks. Although, I must say, due to lack of restful sleep, following my routine was a battle against fatigue and lack of concentration.

CBD oil has become my ally against insomnia.

I use CBD oil to sleep by taking a few drops under my tongue 1 hour before going to bed.  In that time I finish what I have pending: take a warm shower, prepare what I need for the next day and turn off all electronic devices. I disconnect and prepare my body for the relaxation that CBD provides. The difference is significant and I feel it in my day to day life. There is no longer a battle against myself. I now wake up every day relaxed, calm and ready after sleeping more than seven continuous hours, something I have never experienced in my entire life. Saying that CBD changed my life is an understatement for what this oil has really done for me! It means being aware of the importance of a good rest and a fully restorative sleep. It’s feeling like I want to and can take on all the challenges of every day. It is living wellness. I can only say that it costs nothing to make an appointment to start using CBD oil for sleep disorders and make a significant change in your life.