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About us

We are a medical cannabis laboratory committed to the development of proven, safe and effective natural products to treat conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety for patients around the world.

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Tarkus Pharma Lab excels in the field of manufacturing cannabis-derived phytotherapeutic products for medicinal use, with a rigorous focus on regulatory compliance and quality.


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Our processes are certified under GMP for phytotherapeutic products by INVIMA (Colombian Health Entity). Pharmaceutical grade finished products, with quality and consistency in all our batches.

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Products free of pesticides, heavy metals and alcohol. We are able to create products with THC and with CBD (THC not detectable)



We create natural products to bring well-being to all


Winning Attitude

In our company, we cultivate a Yes, we can mentality in all our members and collaborators. We believe we can overcome any challenge and achieve our goals with determination, effort and a positive attitude. 

Passionate about co-creating

We value teamwork and collaboration, as we understand that we can achieve exceptional results together. We foster a co-creation environment where each team member contributes their skills and knowledge to develop innovative and effective solutions. 

We mean what we say

We always pride ourselves on honesty and consistency. We strive to maintain high levels of integrity in all our actions and decisions, ensuring that we fulfill our promises and maintain transparent communication. Our commitment to integrity allows us to build strong and lasting relationships with customers, partners, and constituents.


What do our partners say?

“ Tarkus is our trusted partner for the pharmaceutical cannabis market in Brazil ”

In Tarkus we have found a partner that supports our goal to provide quality products improving patients' lives.

Pharmacol and Tarkus have developed a strategic partnership for the product development and sale for the Australian market pharmaceutical grade THC products.

Tarkus is a great partner with an excellent reputation.

Our GMP-certified pharmaceutical-grade production facility is the first in Colombia

And is located in a free trade zone.