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Our most important contribution is to improve the quality of human life

We are a pharmaceutical grade laboratory developing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products. Our facilities are located in Bogotá, Colombia at a Free trade Zone in the Tocancipá area. We are your most trusted partner to work together and develop solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our processes, client service and right on time delivery rise beyond what is expected; it’s what we call advanced and enhanced quality.


40 +

Years Of Experience

Our Leaders

At Tarkus, we are a group of leaders and entrepreneurs with successful proven experience, and the best Latin American talents in the pharmaceutical industry.

Alejandro Venegas


+18 years of experience as founder and
leader of successful companies. Alejandro’s
talent and experience as an entrepreneur
has inspired a strong and positive culture
at Tarkus, attracting and retaining talent.


Daniel Finol


+12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical
industry. Daniel help us everyday to unlock the
secrets of the pharma industry.


Sergio Picon


+12 years of experience in strategy and
business development. Focus on
identifying the best opportunities for
Tarkus on the market.


Soraya Herrero


+14 years of experience in retail business.
Embrace change, a part of our DNA.
Everything is under construction in the
cannabis business even our consumer, our
reason to be.


Our Differentiators

We specialize in the cannabis extraction process.

All Processes and operations are built under EU GMP standards.

Extensive knowledge of the global pharmaceutical distribution and sales network.

what we do

We Have 40 Years Experience

Our purpose

We create natural products to deliver wellness for everyone


Become the #1 pharmaceutical grade laboratory in Latin America, specialized in the raw material and active ingredient extraction from cannabis.

Our Values

Winning Attitude

Our mindset is: Yes we can

Passionate about co-creating

Together we archive greater results

Walk the Talk

We are honest and consistent with what we say and do


• Processes and execution designed to comply with the most strict and demanding GMP and EU-GMP requirements.
• Pesticide, heavy metals, and alcohol-FREE products.
• Pharma grade products.
• Quality and consistency across all our batches.


We produce the highest quality THC free oil, drawn from Colombian soil and its outstanding year-round ideal climatic conditions that create some of the best cannabis flowers in the world. We work
alongside fully licensed Colombian farmers, in order to continuously improve the quality of our raw materials.

Our 100% organic CBD oils contain the whole range of benefits of the cannabinoids. Our extraction, remediation and distillation processes guarantee the highest quality CBD oils in the market with the correct amount of CBD content.

We have in place a strict quality control policy to ensure that our products are free of heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides.

Thanks to their potency and versatility, our distillates have many different applications.
CBD concentrations from 50% to 80%

Applications: Industrial, pharmaceutical,
nutraceutical, and cosmetics.

CBD Full Spectrum Oil

CBD Broad Spectrum Oil

CBD Broad Spectrum Distilled Oil


Bulk tinctures oils

Pre-formulated and ready to bottle mixes with undetectable / regulatory compliant THC levels. Our Bulk CBD Tinctures can be formulated with CBD isolate or any of our oils. We use pure, organic carrier oils that allow for unique blends of cannabinoids for our customers. Ready to bottle.

You can choose your desired potency and blend.

The CBD is processed by our company and thoroughly mixed with the selected carrier to provide you premium oils ready to use.
Option 3: CBD 15% – THC <0.2%
Option 4: CBD 20% – THC <0.2%

Available Carrier oils:
Sesame oil
MCT oil
Olive oil
Hemp seed oil

Mix Concentration Guide
Option 1: CBD 05% – THC <0.2%
Option 2: CBD 10% – THC <0.2%
Option 3: CBD 15% – THC <0.2%
Option 4: CBD 20% – THC <0.2%
*Or as required by customer

Choose Container Size:
1 liter
5 gallon bucket



Bottle tinctures

Work with us directly!

We will provide you the most professional packaging and labelling for your brand. Our custom-made boxes give you the flexibility to bring your brand to life, your products will arrive just how you want them.
We have the capacity to package any of our Bulk Tinctures oils on a presentation of 10 ml to 100 ml.

You will supply your own design with a range of predefined formats and we’ll ship you white-label products with COAs, batch numbers, accurate product details and more.

* The owner of the product is required to send the current legal documents issued by the health authority (current health registry).


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We are your most trusted partner to work together and develop solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We truly believe in our core value “Passionate about co-creating”, we co-create with you to develop the right solution at the lowest total cost.

Tarkus is a pharmaceutical grade laboratory developing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products where you can transform your flower or oil into any of our products, We currently have a capacity to process 6000 kg of flower per month.

At Tarkus you can transform your flower or extract into any of our products or contract any of these services separately.


Why do we do what we do?

Medicinal cannabis has proven to have healing properties that help improve the quality of life of patients. We want to take this opportunity to offer them innovative and derived from cannabis.

We have personal experiences about the effectiveness of these products. They have improved the quality of life of immediate family members with degenerative diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of people and animals replacing synthetic drugs with natural and organic products.

Tarkus is ready to become part of your business and supply the world with the best quality derived products from medicinal cannabis.

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