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Somos un laboratorio de cannabis medicinal comprometido con la elaboración de productos naturales probados, seguros y eficaces para tratar patologías como el dolor crónico y la ansiedad para pacientes de todo el mundo.

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Tarkus Pharma Lab destaca en el campo de la fabricación de productos fitoterapéuticos derivados del cannabis para uso medicinal, con un enfoque riguroso en el cumplimiento normativo y la calidad.


y Servicios

Nuestros procesos están certificados bajo BPM para productos fitoterapéuticos por el INVIMA (Entidad Sanitaria Colombiana). Productos terminados grado farmacéutico, con calidad y consistencia en todos nuestros lotes.

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Productos libres de pesticidas, metales pesados y alcohol. Somos capaces de crear productos con THC y con CBD (THC no detectable)

About us

We are a medical cannabis laboratory committed to the development of proven, safe and effective natural products to treat conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety for patients around the world.

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Tarkus Pharma Lab excels in the field of manufacturing cannabis-derived phytotherapeutic products for medicinal use, with a rigorous focus on regulatory compliance and quality.


and Services

Our processes are certified under GMP for phytotherapeutic products by INVIMA (Colombian Health Entity).
Pharmaceutical grade finished products, with quality and consistency in all our batches.

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Products free of pesticides, heavy metals and alcohol. We are able to create products with THC and with CBD (THC not detectable)





Discover the latest advances in the field of medicine and cannabis

The Phexia company, specialized in the development of cannabis products, in collaboration with the research team from the Complutense University of Madrid, has carried out an experimental study on the effects of CBD to delay aging.

Cannabis and its derivatives have been recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective tool in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Now, Phexia is investigating how cannabidiol (CBD) can act as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

The main objective of this project is to better understand the protective effect of CBD on the molecular mechanisms related to tissue aging. Aging is an inevitable condition that affects all individuals, and is a constant concern for society. Although it cannot be completely avoided, thanks to scientific advances and the use of CBD, it is possible to delay this process.

Scientific studies have shown that the additional supply of antioxidants can reduce the incidence of certain diseases and improve health in older adults. According to Professor Jesús Tresguerres, research leader of the study, the beneficial effects of CBD have been widely justified through the measurement of various biological markers, which supports its clinical application in patients.

Antioxidant and CBD therapy may not only offer effective treatment against disease progression, but may also reduce side effects associated with other current treatments. This, in turn, contributes to improving people’s quality of life. Alejandro Venegas, CEO of Phexia and Tarkus Pharma Lab, says the study findings represent new scientific evidence supporting the benefits of CBD, including reducing inflammation, joint and muscle pain, and improving the immune system.

The results of this preclinical study are expected to have a significant impact on society. Advances in the medicinal use of cannabis and its components, such as CBD, open new doors in the field of medicine and offer hope for those seeking alternative and effective treatments.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates on this exciting research and find out how cannabis is revolutionizing the field of medicine.


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nuestros partners?

" Tarkus es nuestro aliado de confianza para el mercado farmacéutico de cannabis en Brasil.”

" En Tarkus conseguimos un aliado que representa nuestro objetivo de productos de calidad en miras de mejorar la vida de pacientes.” 

Pharmacol y Tarkus han desarrollado una alianza estratégica para el desarrollo y comercialización de productos de THC grado farmacéutico para el mercado de Australia.”

"Tarkus es un gran aliado con una reputación impecable.

Nuestra planta de producción de grado farmacéutico con certificación GMP es la primera en Colombia

Además, está ubicada en zona franca.


What do our partners say?

“ Tarkus is our trusted partner for the pharmaceutical cannabis market in Brazil ”

In Tarkus we have found a partner that supports our goal to provide quality products improving patients' lives.

Pharmacol and Tarkus have developed a strategic partnership for the product development and sale for the Australian market pharmaceutical grade THC products.

Tarkus is a great partner with an excellent reputation.

Our GMP-certified pharmaceutical-grade production facility is the first in Colombia

And is located in a free trade zone.